Career Coaches and Resume Writers Can’t Find A Real Job, Either.


As the old saying goes, those who can’t do, teach; this, as we all know, is complete BS, because those who can’t do, in fact, become consultants. But in recruiting and HR, those who can’t become consultants (which is easier to get into than the University of Phoenix) do something far more insidious: they become resume writers or career coaches.

Which is a thinly veiled way of saying that they have set up a business to capitalize on their own extensive job search experience, and turning to this business largely due to the futility of their own efforts. Of course, they go to great lengths to cover up the fact that they’re functionally unemployed. The fact that their purported line of business revolves around helping other people find jobs when they obviously have no idea how, the hell, recruiting works in the first place is more than duplicitous – it’s outright fraud.

Fortunately, covering the B2B side of the house means I don’t have to consume much candidate focused content, and while there’s a shit load of it out there, it’s pretty much variations on the same themes: writing a better resume, improving interviewing skills, building a network that works.

Most of it is erroneous – sure, these things help get you a job, but if that person is turning to a job search coach, chances are the reason they’re not getting hired isn’t anything that you could coach, per say.

Common Sense. Use It.

hate-my-job-141-e1347330843169For example, it’s not the keywords in your resume, or improperly formatting silly stuff like an objective statement, that’s to blame for never getting calls about the jobs you applied for. It’s that keywords can’t conceal your complete lack of experience or qualifications for the roles you’re targeting. Want interviewing advice? Stop answering questions and start talking shop, or you’re screwed. Want to improve your networking efficacy?

Stop trying to network – anyone who does this intentionally generally sucks at it, and you’re better off going to a career fair than some crappy cocktail hour where, at best, you might get a card from someone with a desk at a temp agency or exchange information with someone who’s also trying way too hard to work a room that doesn’t need working.

There’s some basic career advice that, for some reason, no one tells candidates, probably because there’s not a lot of money to be made by pointing out the obvious. Instead, like a pack of predators swooping in on the carcass of a failed job search, career coaches try to blame extrinsic factors, rather than address personal shortcomings.

I recently read a post that someone submitted to the RecruitingBlogs site about “how to turn an employer’s no into a yes.” Which is about the most asinine topic I’ve ever heard. I mean, come on – if you’re lucky enough to hear back that you’re out of the running in the first place, you’re doing better than most candidates.

And in those cases, the decisions made by hiring managers on individual candidates or slates are immutable, and not only are you wasting your time following the advice posted to follow up with the intent of changing their mind, but you’re probably pissing off the recruiter and/or hiring manager involved, and certainly pissing away any chance you might have had for future roles at the company.

Awesome, dude – you got some content to throw out there on the internet, which is your job as a marketer. But the advice in there is not only misinformed, it’s irresponsible.

You Can Polish A Turd of a Resume, But You Can’t Make It Shine.

625x465_1774415_5617253_1408712161Back in my job board days, I used to have some tangential exposure to things like theNational Resume Writer’s Association, which in addition to incorrect punctuation in the name of their friggin’ trade association, offers such gems as:

“Professional resume writers are not just typesetters—their real skill and expertise is defining, positioning, and promoting your job skills and ultimately your career.”

Since this is the professional trade association for these job search parasites, let’s examine that value proposition for a second. Resumes do not position or promote your job skills; they list them.

The positioning and promotion happens in other places, like a cover letter, social media or, most often, in a subsequent informational interview. The point of a resume is to see, on paper, whether or not a candidate has a realistic chance in hell of getting the job. And if they do, they still have a really rigorous selection gauntlet to run – and one that’s out of your area of expertise.

But since I’m calling BS on this “trade association” which has been setting the standard of excellence since 1997 – which is when their website appears to have last been updated, I wanted some supporting evidence. And fortunately, there’s a directory on the site of all the people dumb enough to pursue the Nationally Certified Resume Writer credentials.

Here are just a few of the gems:

Laurie Mortenson: Meet Laurie, the first result to return in the search results. I’m not worried about offending her, because she obviously does not read blog posts, or do much of anything online, I’m afraid. In fact, it’s been since 2008 that she’s even had a job other than being a professional resume writer, which kind of undercuts the argument that the members with said credential know what “recruiters today” look for.

If she did, she’d know it was the part about promoting and positioning, but given her 394 LinkedIn connections, sparsely populated profile, poorly worded bio (“As a life-long learner and information junkie, I’m a frequent participant in professional development programs” – oh, do tell more!), I’m guessing she’s probably not too hip to that.

But hey, the 20 likes on her company’s Facebook page indicate some satisfied and engaged customers.

Bea Hait: As the owner of a successful conglomerate, of which Resumes Plus is but a division of the larger Word Processing Plus empire, Bea clearly knows the fundamentals of online marketing. In fact, all you need to do is look at her website, which pretty much says it all about marketing your personal brand for the purposes of finding work:


Now, in fairness, there’s a defined process that’s really hands on and personalized; you send them your credit card number by calling a local phone number, then fax back your resume and a questionnaire (apparently e-mail is acceptable, but probably not preferred), and voila! Job search problems solved.

Just listen to these satisfied client testimonials from completely anonymous and unverifiable sources trumpeting Bea’s expertise:

“I’ve had people tell me that my résumé is one of the best they’ve ever seen and asked if they could pass it on to other agencies for them to see as a great example of a résumé. I had no idea my skills and assets could sound that good. A real confidence booster for me during the difficult time of being unemployed.”

Notice how there’s no job offer involved there – and the reason agencies were so impressed is that, if you’re a viable candidate for a job, they’re the ones who rewrite your resume – and for free. Also, they talk to hiring managers and in-house recruiters for a living. Bea apparently talks to her growing collection of feral cats and antique china dolls.

Cliff Flamer: Well, if you’re talking about presenting yourself in the best possible light, anyone from San Francisco with the name Cliff Flamer clearly has branding down. Since he had 4 years of recruiting experience last decade, I’m not going to put this flamer out since his last name isn’t his fault.

What is his fault? Let’s start with charging job seekers $135 an hour to help with optimizing their social media profiles. Which I would have asked him about directly, but homeboy has aprotected Twitter account, and that says all you need to know, really.


I don’t mean to pick on these randomly chosen people; I just singled out the first three results I got, but come on, people. 3 for 3. If you actually spend money on this crap and think it’s going to help you find a job (hint: work on building referrals, not resume formatting, if you really want an in), you have proven only that you should not be considered for any job requiring being able to properly allocate budget or analyze ROI. And while they may have impressive sounding certifications, the fact is that a certification in resume writing is about as practical as an associate’s degree in alchemy.

You can’t turn lead into gold, and you can’t turn a crappy candidate into a decent one, no matter how good they might look on paper. And even the best resume writer in the world won’t change that fact. A distinction held by Cliff Flamer, apparently, and in all fairness, that guy is pretty fabulous.

Thx For the mates that support me, and thx for the people that helping me create this one I enjoy it Thx guys


Asrock X99 Extreme 4

What’s up Mate,

Im not Posting A New Document Lately But today Im going to Tell you about A Motherboard that you can choose as your Overclocking And Gaming Motherboard…..

X99 Extreme4

Tom’s Hardware Approved Award

  1. ASRock Super Alloy
    – XXL Aluminum Alloy Heatsink
    – Premium 60A Power Choke
    – Premium Memory Alloy Choke
    – Ultra Dual-N MOSFET (UDM)
    – Nichicon 12K Platinum Caps
    – Sapphire Black PCB
  2. Supports Intel® Core™ i7 and Xeon® 18-Core Processors Family for the LGA 2011-3 Socket
  3. Digi Power, 12 Power Phase design
  4. Supports Quad Channel DDR4 3000+(OC) memory with max. capacity up to 128GB
  5. Supports ECC*, RDIMM Memory (*ECC is supported with Intel® Xeon®processors)
  6. 3 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x1
  7. Supports AMD 3-Way CrossFireX™ and NVIDIA® 3-Way SLI™
  8. 7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection (Realtek ALC1150 Audio Codec), Supports Purity Sound™ 2 & DTS Connect
  9. Intel® Gigabit LAN
  10. 10 SATA3, 1 eSATA, 1 Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA3)
  11. 6 USB 3.0 (2 Front, 4 Rear), 8 USB 2.0 (4 Front, 4 Back)
  12. 1 COM Port Header, 1 Thunderbolt™ AIC Connector
  13. Supports ASRock HDD Saver Technology, Full Spike Protection, APP Shop


XXL Aluminum Alloy Heatsink Design

The extra large aluminum alloy heatsinks take away heat dramatically. As the MOSFETs and chipsets areas are well covered by these heatsinks to protect them from overheating, MOSFET and chipsets can perform with lower temperature, and your motherboard and system will be more stable and reliable.

Premium 60A Power Choke

Compared to traditional chokes, ASRock’s new-gen premium power chokes effectively increase up to 3 times better saturation current, providing enhanced and improved Vcore voltage to the motherboard.

Premium Memory Alloy Choke

Specially designed for memory power delivery, the new-gen alloy chokes feature a highly magnetic and heat resistant design, thus delivering more stable and reliable power to the motherboard.

Ultra Dual-N MOSFET for Memory Power

Combining two silicon dies into one MOSFET, Ultra Dual-N MOSFET provides larger die area and lower Rds(on), so the power supply for the CPU Vcore is more efficient.

Nichicon 12K Platinum Caps

Supreme 12K platinum capacitors with lifespans of at least 12,000 hours. Compared to other counterparts on high-end motherboards that merely have lifespans of around 10,000 hours, ASRock applied Nichicon 12K Platinum Caps that offer 20% longer lifespans and provide more stability and reliability.

* Tested under industry standard 105 degree Celsius ambient temperature.

Sapphire Black PCB

Pure black PCB appearance. The new Sapphire Black PCB represents rock-solid quality and gives the motherboard a more mysterious touch.

Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4)
The World’s Fastest M.2 Socket – PCIe Gen3 x4

The onboard M.2 socket is a new interface for connecting Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) SSDs or other devices. ASRock is the first in the world to implement PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 socket on motherboards. The ultimate Ultra M.2 interface pushes the speed up to 32Gb/s which is 6X faster compared to other M.2 Gen2 x1 solutions that are limited to 5Gb/s.

128GB Memory Support

Designed to meet the maximum computing power system, this motherboard adopts Quad-Channel 8 DDR4 DIMM slots. Each slot supports 16GB memory module, thus delivering a maximum capacity up to 128GB.

Supports DDR4 ECC / RDIMM Memory Modules

This motherboard is capable of supporting DDR4 ECC and RDIMM (Registered DIMM) memory modules which deliver server-grade performance and durability for high-powered computing systems.

* ECC is supported with Intel® Xeon® processors.

15μ Gold Contact in DIMM & VGA PCIe Slot

Unlike other motherboards come with only 3-4µ gold contact, this motherboard is coated with 15µ gold contact in the DRAM slots and PCIe x16 slot, thus providing better anti-oxidation protection than usual.

12 Power Phase Design

Designed with a 12 Power Phase design, this motherboard features sturdy components and completely smooth power delivery to the CPU. Plus, it offers unmatched overclocking capabilities and enhanced performance with the lowest temperature for advanced gamers as well.

Digi Power

More Precise, More Efficient

Unlike traditional motherboards that use analog power, this motherboard uses a next generation digital PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) design, which provides CPU Vcore voltage more efficiently and smoothly, so that the stability and lifespan of the motherboard is greatly enhanced.

Purity Sound™ 2

Purity Sound™ 2 includes 7.1 CH HD audio with Realtek ALC1150 audio codec, 115dB SNR DAC with Differential Amplifier, TI® NE5532 Premium Headset Amplifier, cap less Direct Drive technology, EMI shielding cover, PCB isolate shielding and DTS Connect. As Nichicon audio capacitors are what every audiophile has been longing for on a PC, ASRock applied these high quality capacitors for Purity Sound™ 2.

This frequency response chart was tested with 32 ohm normal headphones. It indicates how traditional audio solution’s frequency response drops drastically at low frequencies. Compared to traditional audio solution’s (2.0dB) at 20 Hz bass low freq area, Purity Sound™ 2 still maintains its frequency response (0.4dB) and provides better bass with the TI® NE5532 amplifier, improving the bass quality by 20% (1.6dB)!

ASRock APP Shop

ASRock APP Shop is designed for your convenience. We provide various apps and support software for users to download. You can easily optimize your system and keep your motherboard up to date with ASRock APP Shop.

ASRock APP Shop is the only all-in-one software package that delivers you the most practical PC apps and tools, in one integrated interface – from ASRock exclusive tools to the most update-to-date options of the latest technology.
Orbweb ME :
Get Connected with ASRock Cloud Anytime, Anywhere
App Charger :
Fast Charge & Charge Anytime
Google Chrome :
Better Browsing with Google Options
XFast LAN :
Your Smartest Internet Access Manager

Intel® LAN

Intel® LAN provides the best throughput performance, lower CPU utilization, enhanced stability and is able to deliver ultimate network experience to users!

HDD Saver Technology

There’s a dedicated 4-pin HDD Saver Connector placed near the SATA ports. By connecting it to the HDDs, you can shut down or turn on the HDDs via software when needed. HDD Saver Technology secures more privacy, saves more energy, and extends HDD life.

Use the Hotkey [Ctrl + Alt + S] to run HDD Saver under OS.
Once you shut down your connected HDDs, they will disappear from your file explorer screen. Therefore other people won’t even know these HDDs existed, nor can they access your private data stored on these HDDs. You can protect your privacy easily.
Shut down and hide up to 2 HDDs for privacy when needed
Without HDD Saver Technology, all HDDs are visible all the time. Your privacy is NOT protected!
Many HDDs are used for storing data only, while ODD is not frequently used. However, these occupied HDDs/ODD still consume a lot of energy and increase the internal temperature of the chassis when idle. This eco-friendly design allows you to shut down those devices for saving more energy. You can turn them back on anytime you need them.
Switch on or off the connected HDD/ODD whenever you want! Save more energy!
It is always annoying when your HDDs fail, not to mention the loss of your precious photos, videos, data, etc. By avoiding switching your HDDs on and off frequently, you can protect them from any potential damage and prolong your HDDs’ life.

Thunderbolt™ 2 Ready

This motherboard has been certified with an ASUS ThunderboltEX II and is compatible with other third party Thunderbolt™ devices as well. With the Thunderbolt™ 2 Add-in-Card, it may support up to six daisy chained Thunderbolt™ devices up to 20 Gbps

ASRock Thunderbolt™ Technology Expert

● Up to 20 Gbps : The fastest connection to your PC
● Bi-directional data transfer with PCI Express and DisplayPort
● Daisy Chain : Up to 6 Thunderbolt™ devices
● Large, high-resolution displays (Supports 4K)

Connecting to a graphics card

*Thunderbolt™AIC is not included in the motherboard package. Product images for reference only.
**Please update to the latest BIOS to support Thunderbolt™ technology.
***The list of supported Thunderbolt™ devices can be found here.

Some sensitive digital components on the motherboard are vulnerable to power surges, the excessive current may cause your system to malfunction immediately. ASRock Full Spike Protection includes various technologies to prevent your motherboard’s components from being damaged by these unexpected voltage spikes.

Surge Protection
Protects the motherboard from excessive surges from the power supply unit.
Lightning Protection
The onboard LAN chip is protected against sudden and violent voltage spikes caused by lightning.
ESD Protection
USB : Added ICs to protect the onboard USB ports from electrostatic discharges.
LAN : Prevents the onboard LAN from being damaged by electrostatic discharges.
MOSFETs : MOSFETs in critical areas use a special design for protecting them from electrostatic discharge during the installation process.


A-Tuning is ASRock’s multi purpose software suite with a new interface, more new features and improved utilities, including XFast RAM and a whole lot more.


In a world where time is money, why waste precious time everyday typing usernames to log in to Windows? Why should we even bother memorizing those foot long passwords? Nobody has time for that! Just plug in the USB Key and let your computer log in to windows automatically!

Restart to UEFI

Fast Boot is so fast that it is impossible for users to enter the UEFI setup utility during POST. Therefore, ASRock Restart to UEFI technology allows users to easily enter the UEFI setup utility automatically when turning on the PC next time. It is designed for those who constantly need to enter the UEFI setup utility.

ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard)

Limit and control your children’s time spent on the internet. ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard) technology allows you to establish an internet curfew or restrict internet access at specified times. Administrators are able to schedule the starting and ending hours of internet access granted to other users.

UEFI Tech Service

Contact ASRock Tech Service by sending a support request from the UEFI setup utility if you are having trouble with your personal computer. Users may try to choose the category of the issue they have encountered, describe the problem in detail, and then attach an optional picture or log file for our technical support team.


Dampness kills most electronics, so it’s a better idea to keep your personal computer dry. Now users may prevent motherboard damages due to dampness by enabling Dehumidifier. When it is enabled, the computer will power on automatically to dehumidify the system after entering S4/S5 state.

Easy Driver Installer

For users that don’t have an optical disk drive to install the drivers from our support CD, Easy Driver Installer is a handy tool in the UEFI that installs the LAN driver to your system via an USB storage device, then downloads and installs the other required drivers automatically through the internet. Completely no CD or optical disk drive required!

ASRock XFast RAM fully utilizes the memory space that cannot be used under Windows® 32-bit operating systems. It shortens the loading time of previously visited websites, making web surfing faster than ever. And it also boosts the speed of Adobe Photoshop 5 times faster. Another advantage of ASRock XFast RAM is that it reduces the frequency of accessing your SSDs or HDDs in order to extend their lifespan.
When Internet Explorer loads very slowly for no clear reason, it’s usually due to inefficient management. ASRock is rolling out super efficient web management in the motherboard industry. XFast LAN is a convenient tool that controls internet related applications easily and efficiently. Creating a perfect Internet environment, all you need is a smart manager. ASRock XFast LAN allows you to enjoy more speed, easier multitasking, enhanced multimedia experience, and more – all without weighing you down.
Tired of listening to crappy audio that makes your ears bleed? Experience high-quality surround sound from your personal computer. DTS Connect is a blanket name for a two-part system, including DTS Interactive and DTS Neo:PC, it is used on the computer platform only, in order to convert PC audio into the DTS format.

Cisco Packet Tracer

Definisi Cisco Packet Tracer & Simulasinya

 Selamat Pagi, Siang, Sore, Dan Malam Untuk Semua Kawan-Kawan Yang Ada Diseluruh Indonesia, Hari Ini Saya Akan
 Menjelaskan Apa Itu Cisco Packet Tracer.,
Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer adalah sebuah software simulasi jaringan. Sebelum melakukan konfigurasi jaringan yang sesungguhnya (mengaktifkan fungsi masing-masing device hardware) terlebih dahulu dilakukan simulasi menggunakan software ini. Simulasi ini sangat bermanfaat jika membuat sebuah jaringan yang kompleks namun hanya memiliki komponen fisik yang terbatas.
Hubungkan masing-masing device dengan kabel yang sesuai.
Untuk membuat sebuah konfigurasi jaringan, bagi pemula, sebaiknya ditentukan dulu jenis device yang digunakan, berapa jumlahnya dan bagaimana bentuk konfigurasi jaringan tersebut pada kertas buram.
Jenis-jenis kabel penghubung ditentukan berdasarkan aturan sebagai berikut :
�� Untuk mengkoneksikan peralatan yang berbeda, gunakan kabel Straight-through :
Router – Switch
Router – Hub
PC – Switch
PC – Hub
�� Untuk mengkoneksikan peralatan yang sama, gunakan kabel Cross-Over :
Router – Router
Router – PC
Switch – Switch
Switch – Hub
�� Untuk mengkonfigurasi Router melalui PC gunakan kabel Roll-Over
Konfigurasi masing-masing device
Proses konfigurasi merupakan bagian penting dalam susunan jaringan. Proses konfigurasi di masing-masing device diperlukan untuk mengaktifkan fungsi dari device tersebut. Proses konfigurasi meliputi pemberian IP Address dan subnet mask pada interface-interface device (pada Router, PC maupun Server), pemberian Tabel Routing (pada Router), pemberian label nama dan sebagainya.
Setelah proses konfigurasi dilakukan, maka tanda bulatan merah pada kabel yang terhubung dengan device tersebut berubah menjadi hijau. Ada 2 mode konfigurasi yang dapat dilakukan : mode GUI (Config mode) dan mode CLI (Command Line Interface).
Contoh konfigurasi dengan mode GUI
Klik device yang akan dikonfigurasi. Pilih menu Config. Klik interface yang diinginkan. Isi IP Address dan subnet mask-nya. Lakukan hal yang sama untuk interface-interface dan device yang lain.

Simulasi Jaringan Komputer dengan aplikasi Cisco Packet Tracer

Saat ini banyak sekali cabang untuk Ilmu komputer, antara lain adalah Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak (software engineering), System bisnis cerdas, Sistem Informasi, serta tak lupa ilmu mengenai jaringan komputer. Diantara cabang ilmu diatas, yang paling sering terdengar belakangan ini adalah mengenai jaringan komputer.
Dalam jaringan komputer banyak sekali yang harus dipelajari, antara lain mengenai internet, TCP/IP, HTTP, pengamanan jaringan, jaringan multimedia, simulasi jaringan dan masih banyak sub-sub ilmu yang harus dipelajari. Namun yang menjadi dasar adalah bagaimana kita paham tentang dasar jaringan komputer itu sendiri, untuk itu kita tidak hanya membaca teori semata, kita juga harus praktek di lapangan agar mengerti.
Tapi betapa butuh biaya yang sangat banyak jika kita ingin mempraktekkan sebuah jaringan komputer (walaupun yang sederhana), oleh karena itu, Cisco sebagai perusahaan terkemuka di bidang jaringan meluncurkan sebuah aplikasi yang sangat menolong bagi kita yang ingin menyimulasikan jaringan komputer, yaitu dengan Cisco Packet Tracer.
Packet tracer merupakan sebuah software yang dapat digunakan untuk melakukan simulasi jaringan. Untuk mendapatkan software ini sangatlah mudah, karena kita bisa mendapatkannya secara gratis dari internet.
Karena disini saya akan membahasa mengenai sedikit tutorial mengenai membuat jaringan, maka untuk proses download dan instalasi (yang sangat mudah) tidak perlu saya jelaskan. Oke langsung saja kita menuju tutorial.
  • Klik start -> Programs -> Packet Tracer
  • Atau klik iconnya pada desktop
  • Dan Akan Muncul Gambar Seperti Ini

    • Untuk menambahkan device ke area kerja, maka dapat dilakukan langkah-langkah berikut
  • Oke, disini kita akan menyimulasikan jaringan sederhana, ambil saja contoh sebuah warnet dengan 1 router, 1 hub dengan 9 PC client.
  • Disini kita langsung definiskan terlebih dahulu berapa IP untuk masing-masing PC tersebut.
    Nama PC IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway
    • Pilih salah satu device yang akan ditambahkan dengan cara klik iconnya
    • Pilih salah satu jenis device yang akan ditambahkan dengan cara klik dan drag atau klik salah satu icon kemudian klik pada area kerja.
    • Buat sebuah jaringan seperti gambar berikut, karena defaultnya isi slot dari sebuah hub adalah 6, kita akan menambahkannya menjadi 10 dengan men-drag modul di pojok kanan bawah ke slotnya hub.
        • Langsung saja kita mulai mengkonfigurasi seluruh devicenya. Untuk pertama kali kita konfigurasi router1. Klik tab config, Kita masukkan IP address dan mask-nya sesuai dengan table.
          • Untuk hub tidak ada konfigurasi, karena digunakan sebagai perantara.
          • Sekarang kita konfigurasi untuk semua clientnya.
          • Berikut ini cara konfigurasi PC-0 (gunakan juga cara ini untuk PC-PC lainnya)
          • Double click gambara PC nya, kemudian pilih tab config, kemudian pilih setting, isi gatewaynya sesuai dengan table, kemudian pilih FastEthernet dan isikan IP addres dan mask sesuai dengan tabel.
            • Setelah selesai mengkonfigurasi semuanya. Kita akan mengetesnya, apakah jaringan yang kita buat sudah benar atau tidak. Caranya adalah dengan menggunakan fasilitas Ping di setiap PC.
            • Double-klik sembarang PC, kemuadian pilih tab Desktop, lalu pilih Command Prompt. Lalu kita ketikkan perintah Ping [spasi] IP tujuan
            • Jika terdapat reply, maka sudah terhubung satu dengan IP tujuan, gunakan fasilitas ini untuk mengecek keseluruhan IP
          • Jika sudah me-reply semuanya, maka jaringan anda sudah benar dan siap dipakai
          • Dengan adanya software simulasi semacam packet tracer, maka sangat memberi kemudahan untuk mempraktekkan teori-teori yang telah kita dapat. Kita hanya perlu menginstall software, tidak perlu membeli device-device yang kita perlukan. Dan software ini biasa juga digunakan untuk para ahli jaringan sebelum mendeploy sebuah jaringan di perusahaan atau instansa-instansi terkait.
      • Source Blog Terkait :

Akhirnya Selesai Juga, Sedikit Berantakan Mungkin Sangat Berantakan Tapi Akan Terus Di Perbaharui Setiap Ada Waktu, Hahahaha, REMEMBER STAY IN THE EVIL PATH!!!!,

Corel Draw

What’up Homie,

Hari Ini Saya Akan Memberitahukan tentang Software Corel Draw yang biasa digunakan Untuk Menggambar dan Cara-cara menggunakannya,

Asal Usul & Perkembangan CorelDraw

Sejarah CorelDraw – Jika anda seorang design grafis, tentunya sudah paham betul tentang CorelDraw. Tapi sudah tahukah Anda Sejarah Awal Mula CorelDraw ? Untuk melengkapi pengetahuan anda tentang CorelDraw berikut ini informasi tentang sejarah dan perkembangan CorelDraw. CorelDraw merupakan software editor grafis berbasis vector, dikembangkan dan dipasarkan oleh Corel Corporation yang berbasis di Ottawa, Kanada. Yang kemudian menjadi nama paket editor grafis Corel. CorelDraw sejak awal dikembangkan untuk Windows dan saat ini dapat berjalan pada Windows 2000 dan versi selanjutnya. Versi untuk Mac OS dan Mac OS X ada awalnya juga tersedia, namun dihentikan karena minimnya penjualan. Versi Mac OS hanya berlanjut sampai versi 5.0. Versi terakhir untuk Linux terakhir dibuat tahun 2000. Corel pada Linux tidak berjalan langsung di atas platform, namun harus menggunakan Wine, semacam crossover seperti yang digunakan untuk meng-install Photoshop pada Linux.

Pada 1985, Dr. Michael Cowpland mendirikan Corel untuk menjual sistem desktop-publishing berbasis Intel.
Pada 1987, Corel merekrut beberapa pengembang software (programmer) untuk membangun sebuah software grafis berbasis vektor untuk dijadikan satu dengan paket desktop-publishing Corel. Program itu, yang akhirnya diberi nama CorelDraw, pertama kali diluncurkan ada 1989. Program itu diterima luas oleh masyarakat dan pada akhirnya corel hanya focus pada pengambangan software.
CorelDraw dibuat untuk Windows bersamaan dengan diluncurkanya Windows 3.1. dengan dimasukkannya TrueType ke dalam Windows 3.1 menjadikan Corel sebagai program ilustrasi yang mampu menggunakan fonts yang ada tanpa membutuhkan software tambahan seperti Adobe TypeWriter.
Beberapa inovasi untuk ilustrasi berbasis vektor pada CorelDraw : Note-edit tool, stroke before fill, mesh fill dan sebagainya.
CorelDraw memiliki perbedaan mencolok dibandingkan kompetitornya. Yang pertama bahwa CorelDraw adalah suatu paket software grafis, bukan hanya sebuah editor gambar berbasis vektor. Peralatan – peralatan yang ada memungkinkan penggunanya untuk mengatur kontras, keseimbangan warna bahkan mengubah dari mode RGB (Red Green Blue) menjadi CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow). Khusus untuk gambar bitmap dapat diubah dengan Corel PhotoPaint.
Pesaing utama CorelDraw adalah Adobe Illustrator dan Xara Extreme. Meskipun mereka semua juga program editor gambar berbasis vector, namun pengalaman penggunanya dapat menghasilkan perbedaan yang mencolok.
Karakteristik CorelDraw :

– Gambar berbasis vektor, yaitu ukuran hasil akhir yang dapat ditekan seminimal mungkin namun dengan kualitas yang tidak kalah dengan gambar berbasis raster atau bitmap.
– Tampilannya yg bersifat user friendly dan mudah dipelajari
– Format grafis yang didukung sangat banyak sehingga membantu kompatibilitasnya.
– Mempunyai banyak tools dan effect yang memudahkan pembuatan objek vector (garis, lengkung, kotak)
– Font bawaan CorelDraw sangat banyak sehingga mencukupi dalam pembuatan logo dll.

Kelebihan dan Kekurangan CorelDraw

     Setiap sesuatu pasti memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan, begitu juga dengan software editing CorelDraw ini, karna sebenarnya kesempurnaan itu hanya milik Tuhan (cieh :v). oke, berikut ini adalah kelebihan dan kekurangan CorelDraw :


– Gambar yang dihasilkan oleh CorelDraw tidak akan pecah apabila diperbesar.
– CorelDraw sangat bagus dalam kolaborasi teks dan gambar.
– Seleksi layer dalam CorelDraw sangat mudah, dapat mengedit beberapa layer sekaligus.

– Ukuran file yang kecil, meskipun gambar dalam file berukuran besar.

– Terbatasnya gradasi yang dihasilkan antara warna yang satu dengan warna lainnya.
– Efek-efek dan variasi yang terbatas di CorelDraw.
– Tidak tepat bila digunakan untuk merekayasa foto.
– Dukungan SaveAs di CorelDraw yang terbatas
Berikut beberapa gambar menggunakan CorelDraw :

Perbedaan Dengan Software Senjenis

Saya yakin, di jaman sekarang ini pasti agan2 udah gk asing lagi sama yg namanya PhotoShop, yap, aplikasi editing yg cenderung sering digunakan oleh perempuan untuk memanipulasi foto lalu di unggah ke sosmed xD. Secara garis besar CorelDraw dengan Photoshop memiliki fungsi yg sama, yaitu editing gambar. namun ada beberapa perbedaan antara CorelDraw dengan PhotoShop, apa aja perbedaannya ? (apa hayo :v). oke, bekecot :
Tampilan awal photoshop :
– Photoshop merupakan aplikasi berbasis bitmap (titik)
– Mempunyai kelemahan, yaitu apabila di zoom (perbesar) maka gambar kurang jelas
– Namun keunggulannya adalah pemakaian memori lebih kecil sehingga tidak lambat
– Ukuran file yang dihasilkan besar
– Kualitas grafis tergantung dari banyaknya pixel
Tampilan awal corel draw :
– Corel Draw adalah aplikasi yang berbasis vector (garis)
– Kelemahannya, memakai memori yang besar sehingga lambat
– Keunggulannya, ukuran yg di hasilkan lebih kecil
– Ketika di perbesar gambar akan tetap jelas,Tidak bergantung dari banyaknya pixel
Nah, Dari pernyataan di atas, agan2 pasti sudah tau kan perbedaannya CorelDraw dengan PhotoShop, walaupun sama-sama bersifat editing, tetapi keduanya mempunyai spesifik yg sangat berbeda. Now, let me show you how to install CorelDraw Graphic Suits *Plak :v (sorry for bad english xD).
Tutorial Install CorelDraw di Laptop atau PC agan2 :
First, ini adalah tampilan awal ketika agan2 membuka file Setup CorelDraw, kali ini yg digunakan adalah CorelDraw X5. disini langsung saja centang “I Accept the terms in the licence agreement”. lalu klik Next
Kedua, Pilih “I have a serial number”. lalu buka aplikasi key generator (aplikasi sudah satu paket sama setup). kemudian masukkan serial number yg ada ke aplikasi key generator yg bertuliskan kolom “Serial Number”. lalu klik “Serial Number” di key generatornya. klik Next

Disini, pilih saja Opsi “Typical Installation”.

Tunggu Sampai selesai, sampai “The setup has been successful” seperti gambar dibawah, lalu klik Next untuk melanjutkan.

Buka CorelDraw X5 di Start Menu Icon, akan muncul tampilan seperti dibawah ini, pilih opsi“Other Activation Options”

Setelah itu akan masuk ke halaman selanjutnya, klik “Phone Corel”
Masukkan kode “Instalation Code” dari CorelDraw x5 nya ke key generator. lalu klik“Activation code”. kemudian masukkan activation code ke “CorelDraw x5”. klik “Continue”.
Jika Sukses, maka tampilan Instalasi aka seperti dibawah ini.
Klik “Close”. dan CorelDraw X5 siap digunakan. Selamat mencoba agan2 ..
Done, Sekian informasi dari saya, semoga bermanfaat, Postingan ini saya rangkum dri beberapa situs web :